Paco Soriano International Brokers of Agricultural Products®

We are specialliced in pulses, seeds, rice, spices, Dry fruits, cereals, and other agricultural products that you can need.

Stablished in 1962 by Mr.Francisco Soriano Balaguer (Paco Soriano) and continued by your son in law Mr Alberto Joaquin Casañ Granero ans his daughter Mss Maria Hortensia Soriano Limonge till today after his death in 2014. 

Our main office are located in Valencia, Spain .

We have collaborators offices and Partners in : USA, CND, China, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Greece, Italy , Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Ukrania, Rusia, Ethiopia , Myanmar and other countries.

The filosofy since the start of the company is to offer and give the best and honest service to our clients and the trustworthy of our experience and our good work an give you the best, honest, experienced, commercial and serious service.

Our clients all over the world are also our friends since large years ago .